The palm trees along the beautiful beach front with it’s iconic church, the sunny weather all year round and it’s charming old town are the perfect scenerie for many events.
During summer there are free concerts at the beach and many cultural events.

Here we list some of the bigger events which take place every year.

Carnaval (2021: 11 – 17 february) 
Carnival Sitges is one of the most famous carnivals in Spain. On thursday the Queen and King of carnival are welcomed to the village. Big Parades take place on Sunday and Tuesday. The streets are full of dressed up people dancing and having fun – till wednesday, when the widows cary the dead king to it’s last rest. A week of craziness you will never forget!

Vintage Car Rally (mid march)
Cars from the early 20th century with it’s drivers dressed according to the cars epoque, drive from Barcelona to Sitges. What once was a real rally race, now it’s a beautiful parade.

Patchwork and Scrapbook Festival (mid- end march)

Tapa Tapa (april / november)
Twice a year local bars and restaurants offer you during ten days their newest creation of Tapa. You walk from bar to bar to vote for your favorite one.

Easter / Semana Santa (2021: Week end around the 4 th april )

Spring Bears Week
The week end around the 1st of May many Bears and their friends from all over theworld meet.

Eurovision Song contest (mid may)
Celebrate the international festival at plaza indústria. The terrace bars at the square create a amazing feeling.

Corpus Cristi (2021: 6 june)
The religious event attracts a lot of tourists for it’s beautiful flower carpets laid on the streets

The colorful event with it’s five days of concerts, parties and the parade on Sunday is not the biggest Pride, but maybe the most charming one in the world. 

Don’t miss the concerts at the beachfront, when you are lucky at a full moon night.

Every year there are pool parties, events on boats, the parade and for many the most fun: the streets of Sitges full of people.

Barraques de Sitges (mid August)
During three nights there are long nights with concerts at the beach in front of the church. Spanish and Catalan groups play for thousands mostly youngsters.

Fiesta Mayor (around 23rd August)
The village celebrates the anniversary of it’s saint. Several parades of Catalonian dances, music and traditions walk thrue the allies of the old town. Let yourself amaze at 23:00 o’clock of the 23rd amazing fireworks are shown at the beaach front.

Sitges Bears Week (first two week ends of September)
The BIG edition of Bears Week brings thousands of Bears to Sitges. Dj’s at the beachfront and steet parties during 10 days…

Santa Tecla (around 22nd of September)
The smaller but even louder version of Fiesta Mayor. Fireworks at eleven p.m. 22nd of september.

Sitges Film Festival (first two weeks of october)
The renow{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“8665468d-84b6-4025-9289-dad894bfc537″],”srcRootClientId”:””}ned international Festival especially dedicated to fantasy, horror and animation movies. On the first saturday of the events Zombie Walk takes place: hundreds of peolpe walk thrue the streets, all dressed up as zombies.

Tapa a Tapa (mid November)
The winter edition of Tapa a Tapa offers you some divertion during the more quiet month of november.

Christmas / New years eve / Three Kings
It’s too cold to go to the beach, but the charming alies of the village don’t lose their magic. Nicely decorated streets and squares give you the possibility to escape the busy pre x-mas rush of the big cities.
Big party at th 31th of december – don’t miss to book a table.
On the evening of the 5th of january the small and big children can give their wishes to the three kings during their parade thrue the village. Will they bring your gift the next day??